CSV Containment and the ISPE SMEPAC guideline


CSV Containment offers containment performance testing of any containment system according to ISPE SMEPAC guideline.

In fact on 16th November 2017, CSV Life Science in collaboration with PolyCrystalLine S.r.l. and Chemsafe SRL organized the so-called study day: “High Potency Active Substances: risks and containment. From theory to practice”.

The assessment and the consequent test can be applied to new equipment during FAT and/or SAT to confirm the design CPT (Containment Performance Target) or to running system for routine monitoring of the Occupational Exposure level.

CSV Containment methods uses a grouping of different samples placed within the air space surrounding the containment enclosure, plus sample located at potential breach points, the worker, the test enclosure, and the air inside and outside the test environment.

CSV Containment developed highly sensitive and specific analytic methods to monitor the following surrogates: Lactoes, Naproxene and Mannitole.

All its methods are validated according to ICH Q2 R1.

Find out more and download the brochure or write to info@csv-ls.com


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