20 Top Drugs in the global pharma market

pharma market

The pharma market is constantly growing: the following list shows the 20 top drugs in the global pharma market.

According with the most recent research, the pharma market could substantially increase by 2022.

This drug list includes the 20 top drugs that could allow the increase of the pharma market, you can find the first 10 top drugs here:

  1. Darzalex: It may target and attach to a protein called CD38, which is present in high numbers on multiple myeloma cells and kill them directly and it invokes immune system to the kill cancer cells.
  2. Prevnar 13: Prevnar13 vaccine contains extracts from 13 most common types of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria which are responsible for various diseases like pneumonia, blood poisoning, and meningitis.
  3. Prolia: Prolia targets the protein called RANK ligand in the body which plays role in the weakening and breakdown of bones. It slows down the weakening of bones.
  4. Triumeq: It works together to block the chemicals in the body that is required by the HIV-1 to multiply, leaving them unable to propagate
  5. Enbrel: Excessive production of a protein called tumor necrosis factor (TNF) leads to inflammation related to various arthritis. Enbrel blocks TNF, thereby reducing inflammation.
  6. Perjeta: It inhibits the growth and multiplication of cancer cells as HER2 provides growth signals to the cancer cells.
  7. Dupixent: The protein called interleukin (IL) present in the body helps in immune system functioning to kill virus and bacteria in the body. Dupixent blocks the two interleukins and prevents the immune system from overexpression.
  8. Xtandi: Xtandi is an androgen receptor inhibitor which interrupts between the binding of androgens and androgens receptor, preventing the growth and spread of prostate cancer.
  9. Stelara: Stelara works by blocking two proteins, IL-12 and IL-23, which may play a role in psoriatic arthritis, reducing the inflammation that causes both the joint and skin symptoms.
  10. Soliris: Soliris is designed to attach to the C5 complement protein, which is a part of the body’s defense system called the ‘complement system.

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