Containment: let’s get clear!


The main purpose of containment systems consists in avoiding the product release, in order to guarantee safety to operators and protection from the exposure to potentially toxic substances to environment. Besides, isolators can also be utilized to protect the product from both external contamination and environmental unsuitable conditions (temperature and relative humidity level constant).

Have been defined the OEL, Occupational Exposure Limit, thresholds that establish the maximum product concentration level per cubic meter under which an operator being exposed for 8 hours per day does not run any risk. Based on the product to be handled the customer defines the best OEL level. Such limits are typically managed by means of a classification into OEB (Occupational Exposure Band) classes, which determine the admissibility range. The higher classes (OEB4 and OEB5) are required for strongly active and/or toxic pharmaceutical products, such as those utilized for cancer treatment.

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