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CSV Life Science over the years has built a group of Companies and professionals able to provide integrated solutions to the Pharmaceutical Market. The know -how and skills of CSV’s Specialists can ensure the success of a project from the early stages from the strategic decisions up to the development of engineering activities, processes development to contain all the exposed operations to the construction up to final validation.

Qualified supplier for the pharmaceutical sector, CSV Life Science provides engineering services and validation both from its Milan headquarters and through its subsidiaries.

CSV Group consists of the following companies:

  • CSV Construction can support pharmaceutical companies in all steps of development and construction of cleanrooms and CSV Construction is a trusted partner for “LumpSum Turn Key” supply for Mechanical, HVAC, pharmaceutical finishing and Project Management.
  • Since 2009 PharmaHub is an independent operative unit born with the aim of follow with more attention the request of our Clients located in the South of Italy with Engineering, Construction and Validation Pharma Hub operates independently always supported by CSV Group both for financial and technical issues in order to enter with a leading role in big projects.
  • Established in 2013, CSV Active completes the wide spectrum of CSV Life Science services, focused on being a qualified worldwide partner with high competence in Fine Chemical Intermediates and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) In CSV Active skilled people working long since in intermediates and API trading core business are linked to an high efficient suppliers network qualified in technical-regulatory requirements fulfillment

Beginning of 2018 CSV Active applied for receiving the AIFA license authorization for API import and distribution

  • Since 1977, FasInternational have a big experience in thermal validation.They also have a leading position in temperature, relative humidity, pressure, electrical magnitude and HVAC para- meters
  • FasLab has been established in 2006 in order to become a reference point for Companies, which are looking for custom- made solutions for calibration, validation and Ta- king advantage of FasInternational 30 years’ experience, they introduce to the market innovative and Hi-tech answers to all monitoring problems.

Since 2008 CSV Containment has been the exclusive representative of ILC Dover, an

American company that produces an antistatic film suitable for contact with the pharmaceutical product; through the flexible technology a series of unique applications have been developed, in the API and finished pharmaceutical field, dedicated to the containment of the operations exposed

Since 2016, CSV represents for the Italian market the Charge Point, a company producing special split valves, able to close the transfers of active products and guarantee the aseptic nature of the processes. www.csv-ls.com


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