Drug development software

Drug development software

Software modelling is a very important sector in order to assisting drug developers.

In the pharmaceutical industry the use of predictive applications is starting to change the way the researchers develop medicines. For instance, predictive technologies are now helping to improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making in formulation strategy.

For example, in a predictive technology by imputting the pharmacokinetic characteristics and the physicochemical properties of a compound into a computers model that simulates the human body, the virtual system can predict the drug’s absorption. The obtained informations can power the development strategy for the drug’s formulation.

Another important area of drug development where this kind of software can help is in designing and developing for specific patient population, which may have different physiological characteristics.

Software modelling is providing to be a valuable tool for assisting drug developers, it is fundamental that drug developers are armed with sufficient and accurate information to input into the model.

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